Dane County Regional Airport

Stop the Schlep!

Why Schlep to Another Airport?

The definition of “schlep” — a tedious or difficult journey — perfectly describes the long, hard drive in a kid- and luggage-burdened car in order to fly out of some faraway, big city airport.

Stop the Schlep!

Do you really like waking the kids up before dawn, paying a fortune for gas, almost missing your flight because of traffic and then parking miles away from the main terminal?

What’s the Opposite of Schlep?

Dane County Regional Airport. A nice, short ride from anywhere in the Madison area–no major traffic jams to navigate; easy, affordable parking right across from the terminal; beautiful, modern facilities with great amenities. Not to mention non-stop service to twelve major destinations including New York, Orlando and Denver.

Next time you travel, do yourself and your family a favor. Fly from Dane County Regional Airport. After all, it’s all about the journey.